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A select group of the nation's most disruptive business owners, financial advisors, technology providers & marketers.

Our Business Leaders

Core Team

John Cormier


Former CFO of a publicly traded company and M & A investment banker. Since 2002, Mr. Cormier has led various startups and had two successful exits.

Carnellia Ajasin

CEO - Mind Katalyst

Carnellia Ajasin is CEO of Mind Katalyst, a global strategy and technology innovation firm and a co-founder of DIVE Ventures. As an author, investor, product executive & startup advisor, Carnellia is adept at growing, scaling, leading product organization teams and discovering customer needs with aligned business solutions. Excels at operation product strategy, building strong relationships with development & design teams, market analysis and funders.
Prior to joining DIVE Ventures, Carnellia has held senior level positions at Oracle, Ernst & Young and Cap Gemini leading enterprise-wide technology implementations throughout North America and Europe. Carnellia continues to be intimately involved with emerging technologies and is passionate about supporting global entrepreneur and startup ecosystems align, strategize, innovate, execute and expand technology product ideas.

Our Business Leaders

Core Team


About Us

The DIVE program will invest in entrepreneurs who face systematic challenges or disadvantages in building and scaling their businesses, which offer novel products, services or concepts with the potential for meaningful impact.

All investors are looking for disruptive technologies that will that have a social impact or would enhance their corporate social responsibility profile. The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the existing business as well as socioeconomic landscape to an unforeseeable extent, requiring all entrepreneurs to pivot or become defunct. At the same time, this could also be a tremendous opportunity for creating the next generation of exceptional companies. The problem DIVE is addressing is that many minority-owned businesses are overlooked and underfunded as institutional investors may suffer from an unconscious bias -we invest in what we are we exposed to, what we understand and in people alike us or who fit a particular mold . Further, the problem set is generally very obvious to the audience, but the solution may not be cogent for an investment thus requiring further development.

Founders tend to not have the network depth to reach the right capital source or raise sufficient capital to prove the minimal viable product. Minorities face an additional challenge as our investment community is smaller and undercapitalized, making seed investments very challenging. The DIVE team will take “NO” out of the conversation by further developing the existing opportunity and providing viable solutions for scaling the business.

At DIVE, we feel the investing process is like building a strong inner circle of friends; it is the investment of time and energy, not just the allotment of money, that is the most valuable commodity. The DIVE team’s choice to invest those resources reduces failure to launch or scale risk. This is how DIVE will generate asymmetric returns. When evaluating the pitfalls of minority-based startups, DIVE’s vision is to continue to assemble a world class team to nurture, mentor, seed and scale minority based disruptive and innovative investments that will benefit from technology, data, and AI.

Investing in you for a better tomorrow.

As part of DIVE’s Platform strategy, it will run quarterly Meetups where founders and entrepreneurs can pitch to the DIVE team. The DIVE goal is not only to provide the shortest distance between an idea to scaling online to funding to exit, but to support entrepreneurs in building successful, sustainable, investable companies. DIVE will invest between $250,000 to $1,0000,000 in the form of sweat equity, cash or a combination of both.

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